Enrollment Reporting System

The Enrollment Reporting System (ERS) is a collection of data on the CSU campuses. As a part of the CSU system, our office submit ERS data files to the CSU Chancellor's Office on a regular schedule. We use the finalized ERS data files for both internal and external reporting.

The ERS consists of eight types of data files, but currently the three files are primarily used for the IR dashboards:

  • Enrollment Reporting System Applicants (ERSA) - Provides information on each applicant during the college year whether or not the applicant enrolled.
  • Enrollment Reporting System Degree (ERSD) - Provides information on each degree awarded to all students by any of the CSU campuses during a single college year.
  • Enrollment Reporting System Student (ERSS) - Provides enrollment data for each enrolled student in State-supported programs in each term of the college year. The census date for this file is the close of the fourth week of instruction on a semester system (third week on a quarter system).