Event and Access Request Forms

Music Hall

All new requests must be submitted to the Performing Arts Facilities Coordinator using one of the forms below.

Submissions may be delivered:
in person to the A&L Productiosn Office (TA-110)
emailed to pts@cslanet.calstatela.edu
or faxed to 323-343-5565

  • PTS-110 Event Proposal and Request to Use Facilities (use for all new requests other than those indicated below.)
  • PTS-111 Student Class Project Proposal and Request Form (use for Theatre Arts, Dance, MA, MFA/TVFT, TVF projects which are part of formal classes.)
  • PTS-112 Music Student Recital Request Form
  • PTS-113 Classroom and Instructional Support Request Form
  • PTS-212 Music Practice Room Access Request
  • PLA Property Loan Agreement (used when checking out costumes, props and furniture for projects.)
  • CD-DVD Request Form (used to request copies of recital and concert recordings)
  • Student Request Instructions – guidelines for student usage of props, costumes, and furniture when using Form PTS-111.
  • Music Student Recital Instructions – guidelines and instruction on Music Student Recital requests and using PTS-112
  • New Event Requests normally require a minimum of three weeks lead-time prior to the start of rehearsals or other activity. Please book your requests in a timely manner.
  • Music Student Recitals have specific deadlines per Music Student Recital Instructions established by Music in MTD.
  • Classroom requests should be made prior to the onset of the quarter and should include all requests for that particular course for the entire quarter.
  • There may be charges associated with support of your request. A&L Productions personnel MUST staff ALL activities in A&L Productions venues.  All technical crew/house staff provided by A&L Productions will be billed for a minimum of a four (4) hour call(s) at the appropriate labor rates.  All labor charges are in addition to equipment or other university rental fees.



    1. Please submit your completed form, with all required approvals, to the Performing Arts Facilities Coordinator, at least three (3) weeks prior to the onset of your activity.
    1. Upon receipt and initial review of your request, you will be contacted by the A&L PTS Production Office.  A&L Productions may wish to set up one or more production meetings to discuss details of your request.
    1. Based on the information provided, A&L Productions shall prepare an Event Billing Estimate for the labor/equipment/rental fees (if any).   The Performing Arts Facilities Coordinator will send you an email “Confirmation” which must be signed and returned to A&L Productions to finalize booking of your event.
    1. If you approve of the cost estimates provided by A&L Productions, please return the Event Billing Estimate with approving signature(s) to the Performing Arts Facilities Coordinator. A&L Productions must receive this with a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to your event to ensure proper staffing and allocation of resources. Upon receipt of the signed Event Billing Estimate, your event is now CONFIRMED.
    2. A&L Productions will then send the approved Event Billing Estimate to Business Financial Services, who will invoice you for the agreed-upon charges. BFS bills net-30 days.
    1. Staffing and support of your event will proceed as per the details of your approved request. Please note that any late requests, particularly on the day of your event, will likely incur additional charges.
    1. Any additional charges due to late requests will be managed through supplemental billing and charges. Last minute cancellations will incur some charges.


    5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA  90032
    Office:  Theatre Arts Building, TA-110
    Phone:  323-343-4133     Fax:  323-343-5565
    Email: pts@cslanet.calstatela.edu