Graduate Programs (MA/MFA)

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  • Graduate Thesis Exhibition
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MA in ART Degree

The Master of Arts degree (MA) is a 30-unit graduate program offered in the Art Education Option; Art History Option; Design Option (Graphic Design/Visual Communication, Animation); Fashion, Fiber and Materials Option; and Studio Arts Option (Drawing, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, New Genres). The MA degree is advanced study and practice in a specific discipline of Art.  The degree provides students with an opportunity to gain stronger educational and experiential basis for a professional career and may be an interim step to pursue further graduate work in the field.  It is considered to be a general degree, and is well suited for individuals that are seeking an advanced degree for teaching purposes.

MFA in ART Degree

The Master of Fine Arts degree (MFA) is a 60-unit graduate program offered in the Design Option (Graphic Design/Visual Communication, Animation) and the Studio Arts Option (Drawing, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture, New Genres). The MFA degree is a highly selective, rigorous program for students who have already achieved a strong direction and focus in their work and a high level of technical proficiency in a specific discipline in the Design Option or Studio Arts Option. The program’s goal is to develop students into professional artists capable of producing high quality work for public exhibition and presentation, or professional designers well-positioned to be leaders in their industry. MFA graduates are qualified to teach at the university level, and are prepared to take their place within the visual arts or design communities and to make a significant contribution to their fields.

Graduate Application Information

Thank you for your interest in CSLA Graduate Art program. The Department of Art and the University share the same deadlines in a two-step admission process that requires students to simultaneously apply to the University via CSU Mentor, and submit an application packet or portfolio to the Department of Art. The graduate applicants are thus required to send one application to the Office of Admissions & Recruitments and another to the Department of Art. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Application to the University requires a separate form. For information check the University website and CSU Mentor. Also, consult the CSU Mentor for the semesters open for submitting applications.

Application materials must be delivered or mailed to the Department Office prior to the application deadline. Applications that are late or incomplete will not be considered for admission.

Graduate Program Guidelines
Please request the Program Guidelines at 323-343-4012/4010

Please also see the below cited web-sites for MA and MFA program information.

Art Education Option | Art History Option | Fashion and Textiles (MA)
Studio Arts Option | Design Option (MA, MFA)

Graduate Program Application/Screening Form

Art Education Option
Art History Option
Design Option
Fashion, Fiber and Materials Option
Studio Arts Option

MA/MFA Forms

Student Forms and Petitions

  • ART 5951 Directed Field Work in Art (1-3)
  • ART 5952 MFA Professional Field Work in Art (1-3)
  • ART 5981 Graduate Directed Study (1-3)
  • ART 5982 MFA Directed Study (1-3)
  • ART 5991 Thesis or Project (1-4)
  • ART 5992 MFA Project (1-6)
  • ART 9000 (0)

University Graduate Studies Forms

  • GS-1A: Transfer Course Level Evaluation
  • GS-5: Course Substitution
  • GS-8: Post-Baccalaureate/Graduate Student Status Change
  • GS-10: Advancement to Candidacy Form
  • GS-12: Request for Thesis or Project Committee and Title
  • GS-12a: Comp Exam Form
  • GS-13: Approval Page for Graduate Thesis, Project Report, or Dissertation (link)
  • GS-14: Approval of Thesis or Project
  • GS-16: Course validation by exam


  • Leave of Absence Instructions
  • Leave of Absence Petition
  • WPE Waiver Form
  • Course Overload
  • General Academic Petition for GRADUATE Requirements
  • Request for Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Work