2017 Camp Descriptions

Spring Session 2018 Class Descriptions

1st/2nd Grade Class Description
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3rd Grade Class Description
Students will read and engage in a variety of narratives and poetry that will emphasize and relate to family moments, events, and stories that are wroth telling again and again. They will have opportunities to describe the characters in stories and write from a characters point of view. In addition, the students will write a fictional narrative using descriptive details. They will also explore art and poetry as a way to document their experiences, perceptions, and feelings.

4th Grade Class Description
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5th/6th Grade Class Description
Welcome to the 5th and 6th grade Young Writers' Camp Spring Session!
During this session, our focus will be on developing skills that students can apply to their writing. In camp, students will learn to see writing as a process that is ongoing. Their writing projects will alow them to draw from their interests, feelings, and experiences. They will collect a variety of strategies and tools to help them grow as writers. Students will read and analyze literature as models of good writing. We will use technology to explore writing websites, introduce topics, and to publish their writing. In conjunction with writing, art will be used to inspire creative thinking in students. I hope that this session will inspire students and help them develop a lifelong love of writing!

7th-12th Grade Class Description
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