Recognizing Your Support from the Voices of Students, Office of Alumni and Friends

Yellow IconRecognizing Your Support from the Voices of Students

“Thank you for your generous investment into the academic pursuits of California State University, Los Angeles’s credential students. I am both honored and humbled to be the recipient of your $1000 Friends of the Charter College of Education Scholarship.

I am currently a full-time credential student in the educational specialist program, and will be completing the credential requisites at the end of the fall 2014 quarter. Once completed with the credential program, I plan to continue working towards my master’s degree in special education while working for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Thanks to your considerate gift, my professional goals are being supported to their completion.

Beginning in the fall quarter, I will start student teaching. While excited, it requires that I step away from my job as a substitute teacher. Financially, that is a huge stress. Your scholarship helps alleviate the cost, and I thank you for that. Again, I am honored and humbled by your scholarship and will continue to work hard and apply what I learn to be the most effective educator possible.”

Ana Kelly

Friends of the CCOE Scholarship Recipient


“I was honored to receive a scholarship from the Friends of the Charter College of Education last spring. I thank you for these unanticipated opportunities and for all of your support. It has been instrumental as I continue to approach the work of improving myself as a teacher with passion, dedication, commitment to the arts and with the time for reflection that these pursuits deserve.”


Elizabeth Vacco

Friends of the CCOE Scholarship Recipient