Degrees Credentials & Certificates

Special Education and Counseling

Bachelor's Degrees

      Rehabilitation Services

Education Specialist Credentials

      Education Specialist Intern Credential

      Early Childhood Special Education (Credential)

      Mild to Moderate Disabilities

      Moderate to Severe Disabilities

      Physical and Health Impairments (Credential)

      Visual Impairments

Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential

      Orientation and Mobility

Certificates/Added Authorizations

      Autism (Certificate)

      Career Counseling

      Orthopedic Impairments   

     Other Health Impairments

      Teaching Learners with Special Needs in General Education Classrooms

      Transition Specialist

Master of Arts

---M.A. in Special Education, options in:

      Autism (M.A.)

      Early Childhood Special Education (M.A.)

      Mild/Moderate Disabilities

      Moderate/Severe Disabilities

      Multicultural/Multilingual Special Education

      Physical and Health Impairments (M.A.)

       Visual Impairment & Blindness:O&M

      Visual Impairment & Blindness: Teacher Preparation

Master of Science in Counseling

      Applied Behavior Analysis

      School-Based Family Counseling (MFT with PPS Credential in School Counseling)

      Rehabilitation Counseling

      School Psychology (with PPS Credential in School Psychology)

Doctorate Degrees

      Ph.D. in Special Education