Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow is a nonprofit organization.

Help Me Grow  is a nonprofit organization sponsored by the Commonwealth and Kellogg Foundations to support children with developmental disability, ages 0-5 in selected states in America. Help Me Grow connects children and their families to services related to development, behaviors, learning, support groups, and parent training. Help Me Grow in California began in 2005 in Orange County. Since then they have taken an active role in providing information and connections to families with a child with disabilities to improve developmental outcomes.

Contact Help Me Grow when,

• Parents suspect development delay, behavior, learning disability within a child or,
• Need assistance in finding developmental services within Orange County or,
• Refer a specific child care provider or related service providers to families in neighborhood.

Help Me Grow has a partnership with the 2-1-1 in Orange County and has established an information network to deliver the newest information about developmental services. Help Me Grow also seeks advice from medical specialists who screen children with specialized instruments. After screening, they connect families to appropriate early intervention service providers. Families will also receive follow-up calls to make sure that they are receiving appropriate services.

Families, service providers, medical specialists, and day care providers can reach Help Me Grow by calling 1-866-GROW-025 (1-866-476-9025) or visiting to find more information.