Clear Administrative Services Credential

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Clear Administrative Services Credential

This program is not open for Fall 2021 admissions.


*Please call our office, 323-343-4330, to ensure that your job site is within our service area BEFORE you complete the application.

CSULA CARES (Coaching with Assessment, Reflection, Encouragement, and Support) Induction Program is a 4-semester program providing beginning administrators with an enriched personalized educational experience with research-based and job-embedded curriculum.  The CSULA CARES provides individualized coaching, professional learning, and assessment experiences for the beginning administrators in partnerships with local K-12 school districts and other community organizations. Each candidate completing the CSULA CARES program will be assured to achieve competence levels in each area of the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs).


The program is designed for new administrators to meet the performance standards of the California Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential (ASC). The credential licenses holders to perform all administrative and supervisory services in grades preK-12 & adult education in California public or private schools. The Clear Induction Administrative Services Credential is valid for a period of five years, and is renewable by submitting the normal application and fee to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). 


The following requirements are subject to change without notice. Students should consult the 
division for current requirements. Minimal requirements for issuance of the Clear Induction ASC include: 

  •  A Master’s degree 
  •  Successful completion of all required courses
  •  A valid Preliminary (Tier 1) Administrative Services Credential 
  •  A valid basic credential used to obtain the Preliminary (Tier 1) Administrative Services Credential 
  •  Two (2) positive recommendation letters, including one from the mentor 
  •  Two (2) years of successful full-time experience as an administrator with Preliminary (Tier 1) Administrative Services Credential 
  •  Passing score on UNIV 400, the Writing Proficiency Examination (WPE) or acceptable alternative by petition 
  •  Passing score on California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST)

Clear Administrative Services Credential