M.A. in Educational Administration Program Description

Program Description

All of the Educational Administration Programs at California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State LA) are accredited by the California Commission on Accreditation (COA).

Masters of Arts in Educational Administration and Preliminary (Tier 1) Administrative Services Credential Program

This program is designed for aspiring administrators who have successful years of teaching experiences.  The central focus of the program is to equip the candidates with skills and knowledge required to become effective instructional leaders for preK-12 schools. Grounded in research, candidates have multiple opportunities to link theory and practice throughout the program.

One of the special features of the program is the intertwined curriculum for both degrees and service credentials. Upon successful completion of the program, candidates receive Master of Arts degrees in Educational Administration and California Preliminary Administrative Services (Tier-1) Credentials.

The Tier-1 credential licenses candidates for all administrative and supervisory services, preK-12 and adult education in California public schools. This credential is valid for 5 years.

Accepted candidates are placed in a cohort that meets two evenings a week over 3 semesters.  Candidates experience comradeship and life-long networking relationships with cohort peers and instructors.

The Educational Leadership Program also guides and coaches all candidates to become technology- experts through digital portfolios.

Admission to the Program: Eligibility Criteria

  • A valid California Professional Clear Teaching Credential or equivalent.
  • A minimum of two years of successful teaching experiences with the Professional Clear Teaching Credential or equivalent.
  • Positive recommendations from two people, including one from the current school principal
  • Demonstrated Leadership Potential, verified by an administrator.
  • Passed CBEST
  • Passed Writing Proficiency Exam or equivalent verification of writing proficiency, such as a CBEST writing score of 41 or better.

A Sample of Course Schedule

Semester 1

  • EDAD 5001 (3 units)    Introduction to Educational Administration
  • EDAD 5101 (1 unit)    Laboratory for Educational Administration Digital Portfolios
  • EDAD 5061/5161 (4 units)  Educational Leadership & Fieldwork
  • EDAD 5062/5162 (4 units)  Research/Data Assessment & Fieldwork

Semester 2

  • EDAD 5063/5163 (4 units)  Pluralism, Collaboration, and Social Justice & Fieldwork
  • EDAD 5065/5165 (4 units)  Instructional Leadership & Fieldwork
  • EDAD 5066/5166 (4 units)  School Management & Fieldwork

Semester 3

  • EDAD 5064/5164 (4 units)  School Law & Fieldwork
  • EDAD 5067/5167 (4 units)  School Finance & Fieldwork
  • EDAD 5281 (2 units)      Clinical Internship
  • EDAD 5290  (2 units)    Reflection and Digital Portfolio Assessment

M.A. in Educational Administration & Preliminary Administrative Service Credential