Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

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Marissa Pacheco, M.S., NCSP

Class of 2018, School Psychologist at LAUSD East

My name is Marissa Pacheco and I am a first year school psychologist at Los Angeles Unified School District East. I was originally a teacher's assistant for LAUSD and was inspired by a school psychologist at my school site to pursue the career. I fell in love with investigating, assessing, and providing counseling!

The school psychology program at Cal State LA has provided me with knowledge on best practices and a strong foundation of school psychology. The professors in the program were supportive and knowledgeable. I carry what I have learned from them into my practice today.

Not only have I learned a great deal, but I was also able to form lifelong friendships! After graduation I took a year off and moved to an island in the Caribbean with my husband who was attending medical school. Upon returning to California, I found myself unprepared for interviews and new developments in the field. Luckily I had my friends from my cohort to guide me through the interview process and reacquaint me to the world of school psychology. I have called these friends for advice and emotional support. To be honest, I probably will continue to call them in the years to come.

To those of you who are currently students or applicants to the program, I would like to commend you on your choice. You have made the right decision! This program provides a wealth of knowledge and a sense of community. Look around the room at your cohort. These people will be a great network for your future endeavors as a school psychologist! They will be your life line.

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Alonzo Nevarez, M.S., NCSP

Class of 2017, School Psychologist at Fontana Unified School Psychologist

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Diana P. Huizar, M.S., LEP, BCBA

Class of 2010, School Psychologist/Program Specialist at South Whittier School District

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