Requirements for Admission to Education Specialist Intern Program

  • B.A. Undergraduate Degree from an accredited college or university
  • 3.0 grade point average in all credential coursework
  • Passing score on California Basic Education Skills Test (CBEST)
  • Completion of Subject Matter Competence: Passing CSET-Multiple or Single Subjects score or approved Single Subject program (not required for Early Childhood Special Education)
  • U.S. Constitution course (or exam)
  • Communications 1100: Oral Communication (or equivalent)
  • UNIV 4000: Writing Proficiency Exam (or a score of 41 or better on the writing portion of CBEST)
  • Admission to CSULA as post-bac or graduate student
  • Employment by a school district in a special education program in the area for which you are seeking the Education Specialist credential.
  • Preliminary or Clear Regular Education Credential OR successful completion of prerequisite courses EDSP 4000: Foundations of Special Education, EDSP 4001: Observation in Urban Classrooms, and EDSP 4010: Cognitive, Lunguistic and Literacy Processes in Individuals with Special Needs.
  • 12 units of Child Development Coursework (Early Childhood Special Education only)
  • Candidates are required to meet with an advisor for a formal interview in order to complete the intern credential application and begin the formal admission process to the program.
  • Group Advisement - Candidates are required to attend a Special Education Program Group Advisement Meeting. Contact the Division of Special Education and Counseling office, (323) 343-4400, for a schedule.

For additional admissions information, contact Jennifer Revilla by email (, or by phone in the CCOE Advisement Center (323) 343-4342.

Current information on Executive Order actions related to COVID-19 regarding admission, waiver of exams and credential recommendation.

Education Specialist Intern Program