Roadmaps to Graduation / What Courses
Should I Take? for Undergraduates

Lower Drivision Coursework and Upper Division Coursework

Charter College of Education, Undergraduate Programs

"Roadmaps to Graduation" are suggested plans designed to inform undergraduate students about the sequence of courses needed to satisfy degree requirements. Choose the "Roadmap" that best fits your situation. Roadmaps are not meant to cover every possibility, but are simple guides to help you along the way.

Lower Division Coursework


PDF icon ULRN First 2 Years Roadmap


Upper Division Coursework


2016 Catalog

PDF icon 2016 Student ULRN Roadmap


2018 Catalog

PDF icon 2018 Student ULRN Roadmap



Note: DISCLAIMER: Please contact your own School/Division for the most updated Schedule of Classes.