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Scholarships and Financial Aid


There are many competitive scholarships available for Charter College of Education students. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the CCOE Student Development Committee which selects the recipients for the scholarships or, if required by the criteria for the scholarships, applications of eligible students are sent to the scholarship donor to make the final selection.

General Scholarships - General Scholarships include on-campus scholarships and off-campus scholarships. There are over 40 general scholarships available to be awarded to students in our programs. For more information on General Scholarships, including a list of available scholarships, please click here: General Cal State LA Scholarships.

We are pleased to announce that Academic Affairs has set an ambitious goal to award and disburse as many Cal State LA scholarships as possible before the start of the fall semester!  This will allow the campus to honor our talented students and provide them with needed funds before classes begin.  It will also allow us to thank our donors in a timely manner and encourage them to continue to support our deserving students and programs.
Cal State LA has over 400 scholarship opportunities to support the educational goals of our students.  You can browse the diversity of scholarships available on our Cal State LA Scholarships Application site.  The scholarships are made available through the generosity of our University donors, alumni, and friends.  And remember, these scholarship opportunities are in addition to the various federal, state, and outside agency financial aid programs!
For more information about the Scholarship application process, please visit the scholarships page of the Center for Student Financial Aid & Scholarships website.

Financial Aid

The Center for Student Financial Aid is dedicated to assisting current and prospective students pursue their education at Cal State L.A by awarding scholarships, federal and state grants, and other aid to assist with educational costs.