Teacher Ed Induction Training Materials

Teacher Education Induction Credential Program Mentor Training and Resources

Induction Coordinator Contact Information 

Erica Hamilton, Ph.D.

Email: ehamilt@calstatela.edu

Zoom meeting room: https://calstatela.zoom.us/j/7267386364


Thank you for your participation as a mentor for the candidate earning their clear credential in the CSULA Teacher Induction Program!  Your support is critical to the success of the novice teacher's growth and experience during their first years of teaching.  The Mentor Training and Support documents are designed to communicate the requirements and provide support for your mentoring experience.  Please also feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you have. 

Program Overview and Purpose

The Cal State LA Teacher CCOE Teacher Education Induction Credential Program is designed to provide a two-year (four semester) individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support, and professional learning that begins in the teacher’s first year of teaching. Advisement and mentoring of the new teacher is a shared responsibility between the Charter College of Education, Teacher Education Induction Credential Program, and each teacher’s mentor and administrator. Teachers, mentors, administrators, and Cal State L.A. faculty and staff work together to enhance teaching effectiveness and support reflective practice to assist teachers in meeting their professional goals.

Mentor Requirements

  • a Level II, Clear, or Life credential
  • a minimum of 3 years of successful teaching experience 
  • a credential in a similar area the candidate is seeking
  • knowledge of the context of the candidate’s teaching assignment
  • demonstrated a commitment to professional learning and collaboration

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Meets with the Induction Coordinator, school administrator and candidate to develop Individual Learning Plan (ILP) goal(s) at the beginning of each semester. 
  • Meets with the candidate for an average of 1 hour per week to provide support and guidance, and facilitate candidate reflection on and progress towards meeting the ILP goal(s).
  • Meets with the Induction Coordinator and candidate at mid-semester to check-in on candidate's progress towards ILP goal(s).




Mentor Training Modules

Mentors are responsible for completing the following training modules in the time frame indicated below.  Please complete the Mentor Module Completion Survey after completing each module.


Time Period

Module Name

Module Link

First Semester

Required in first 30 days

Module 1: Introduction to Mentoring

Module 1 Presentation

First Semester

Required in first 60 days

Module 2: Best Practices in Adult Learning

Module 2 Presentation

Second Semester Required in first 30 days

Module 3: Continuum of Mentoring Interactions

Module 3 Presentation

Second Semester (Recommended)

Module 4: Facilitating the Inquiry Process

Module 4 Presentation

Second Semester (Recommended)

Module 5: Having Difficult Conversations

Module 5 Presentation


Mentoring Instruments & Tools


  • Individual Learning Plan  - Your mentee will share this document with you via Google Drive so that you can both edit the document throughout the semester.   Mentors are responsible for completing the following sections:
    • Goal Setting Form - Pre-Assessment & Mentor Comments (please complete within the first month of the semester)
    • Post-Assessment Feedback & Reflection - Post-Assessment & Post-Assessment Feedback (Mentor)


  • California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) Continuum of Teaching Practice - These are the standards used for candidates working on the clear credential.  Please use this document as a reference for conducting observations and completing the pre-post assessments for the candidate.  The detailed rubrics are very helpful and will be used by the candidate and their instructor throughout the program.  However, for quick reference, please see pages 5 & 6 of the document.


  • Topics for Mentor Meetings - Each mentor meets with their mentee for an average of one hour per week.  These meetings are documented in the Individual Learning Plan.


  • Observation Tool - This document provides a format for observation based on the CSTPs.


  • How to Use Google Drive - All of the documents for the Induction Program are shared via Google Drive.  If you are already familiar with how to use Google Drive you are good to go,  if not, here are a few tips on using, copying, and downloading documents from Google Drive.


  • Mentoring Toolkit - Many resources and tools are linked within the training modules.  Use this toolkit to access these resources/tools plus additional tools that will assist you in successful mentorship.