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2022 Event Photos

  • Man with CCOE shirt walks through King Hall Courtyard
  • Check in table with goodie bags
  • Golden Eagle Radio DJ
  • Students line up to check in
  • CCOE students and staff at the check in table
  • Guests at various tables
  • Students walk up to the King Hall Courtyard
  • A new Golden Eagle Radio DJ
  • Group of people posing for a picture
  • Group of people posed in front of a banner
  • Group of people jumping in front of a banner
  • People dancing
  • Goodie bags closeup
  • Distance shot of CCOE banner
  • A student receives a goodie bag
  • A student wears a knitted green hat
  • Two people interact
  • A student and staff interact
  • Students gather by the check in table
  • Two students talking
  • Closeup of Dean Ney
  • Two people talking at a table
  • Closeup
  • Closeup
  • A student grabs a goodie bag
  • Closeup
  • A woman giving a high five
  • People clapping
  • Dean Ney speaking
  • Speaker
  • Speaker
  • People clapping

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