The College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology requires that all students have advisement sessions to improve their academic experience. First time freshman and sophomore advisement are handled by the Student Academic Support Services (SASS) office. Their mission is to provide empowering educational opportunities to nurture student academic, professional, leadership, and social development. They do this by developing collaborative relationships with academic departments within our college, campus resources, and community partners to strengthen the studentsÂ’ learning experience.

Each of the programs in the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology has an adviser that can assist transfer students in developing their programs. Every new transfer student must see an adviser before beginning to take classes. Transfer students are encouraged to begin advisement while still enrolled at the community college to ensure a smooth transition.

Graduate student advisement is handled by the individual department of the students major. All graduate students are required to see the Chair of the Department for further information.

All advisement is on an appointment basis. Please call (323) 343-4500 or the appropriate department for an appointment.

ECST Advisement and Recruitment Center

This office provides an array of services to prospective, incoming freshman, and second year students in engineering majors. These services include: visits and presentations at various high schools and community colleges aimed at increasing awareness about academic and support programs within the College of ECST and university admission requirements, working closely with academic departments within ECST to increase the number of students that attend the College of ECST, freshman and transfer orientations, academic advisement through professional staff and peer advisors, engaging freshman in the learning communities and academic excellence workshops, and assist students with scholarship and internship opportunities.

Transfer student Advisement

Academic advisement is required for all new transfer students before or during their first quarter in attendance. Before registering for their first quarter at Cal State L.A., transfer students must consult an adviser in their major department/division or college-based advisement center to plan a program of study. After the first advisement session, students must consult an academic adviser at least annually or more often as necessary to enhance academic success.

Annual, or more often as needed, consultation with an academic adviser in the major department required. Newly admitted transfer students should bring a copy of all college transcripts when seeking advisement. They should consult the Department for making an appointment with their academic adviser.

Graduate Student Advisement

Academic Advisement is an essential component for a positive student experience and your success at Cal State L.A. Obtaining Academic Advisement in a timely way and on a regular basis increases your opportunity to succeed academically, to successfully progress toward your degree objective, and to graduate in a timely manner. Students must check with the advisor whenever they have any questions.

Students should discuss their academic program plan on every advisement visit. The advisor maintains a database of individual student plans. Updates or changes regarding Concentration and Electives can be made only with an approval of the graduate advisor.