Pre-Class {{ preItems }}

This is the flow chart of the week, you can use overview(here) as a to-do list to track where you are.

Pre-Class {{ preItems }}

  1. Udacity Videos
  2. Lecture Notes
  3. Text Book
  4. Test Bank


In pre-class, you will need to review the Udacity videos and read through the Lecture Notes and book as well as the text bank if anything you don't get from the udacity video as well as to prepare for the conceptual quiz at the end of day 1.

Day 1 - Class {{ items1 }}

  1. Review
  2. Presentation

Day 1 - Class

In this section, students are expected to finish the Udacity video as well as the pre-class sections(Power point and text book review) so that students can bring questions up in class and have in class discussion in class.

Day 2 - Class {{ items2 }}

  1. Midterm

Day 2 - Class

In class midterm!