CS 350              COURSE DESCRIPTION        V.AKIS     SPRING 2010



This course is an introduction to Computer Graphics. The textbook for the course is “Computer Graphics Using OpenGL” by F. S. Hill, Jr.   All the material for the course will be presented in the class lectures, therefore  it will be important to take notes for each lecture.  There will be homework assigned, lab projects, a midterm exam, and a final.  The course grade will be computed as  follows:     


                                                                    SCORE     GRADE


M‑Midterm  30%                                       90 ‑ 100        A


F‑Final       40%                                        80 ‑ 89          B


N‑Notebook 10%                                      60 ‑ 79          C


L-Labs       20%                                        50 ‑ 59          D


                                                                     0 - 49            F


                             SCORE = 0.3M + 0.4F + 0.1N + 0.2L


There will be a class notebook in which you will record class notes and the solutions of the homework problems. The notebook format will be described at the first class meeting. 


FURLOUGH DAYS:  March 29, April 21 and May 24.  There will be no class or office hours on these days.




 OFFICE HOURS:  MW 2:15 - 4:15 PM           


 OFFICE: ET A-311           EXT. 3‑6694            E-mail: vakis@calstatela.edu                                                                      



Have a nice quarter!