Different rules for Fall Registration:

Different rules for Fall Registration:


(1)         Check with any of the graduate advisors( Dr. Kang, Dr. Parviz, or Dr. Pamula) or Tricia for any of the following:

a.      Registration problems

b.      Pre-requisite completion plans

c.      Change of status (conditional/classified/candidacy).

d.      Graduation Checks

e.      WPE/GWAR (Writing Exam- UNIV 400 – should be completed ASAP)

(2)         Registration is now open.  Register early for your classes through GET.  First Come, First Served.  If you require a permit, you must use it the same day requested. Check the courses offered at: 



(3)         Thesis option: You can have only two 400 level courses on your program.

Non-Thesis Option: You can have only three 400 level courses on your program. (CS370 (Parallel Programming – prereq: CS 203) is being upgraded to become a 400 level course in the future. In Fall 2008, you can register for CS499 – permit required- (4 units) to receive credit for Parallel Programming.  - This would be similar to the way we handled CS350 this Summer)

(4)         In mid-September, we may use an online similar survey/waiting list process prior to classes beginning – only if necessary - to gauge any high demand courses. However, there are no guarantees.