Instructions on how to setup CSULA campus email on your mobile phone or Tablet device

Go to Settings
Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Go to Add Account...
Select Microsoft Exchange

Enter the following information:

Domain: (Leave Blank)
Description: A Description for this Email account

Click Next

At this point it may find your settings automatically. If it can't find your settings automatically you will have to enter the server name specified below.
Enter the following information:


Click Next

Select all the items that you want to sync on your phone with your campus email system:

Options are:


Select ON or OFF for each one.

For most people select ON for Mail & Calendars and OFF for everything else.

Click Save

You are now done configuring your iPhone/iPad to be configured with your campus email.

For Additional information and screenshots you can visit this website:

Setting up CSULA campus email on your Android based phone or Tablet
Click on Menu button on your phone
Click on Settings
Click on Accounts & Sync
Click on Add Account
Click on Exchange ActiveSync
Enter your email address and password
Click Next
For Server Address enter:
For Domain enter: \
Check the box that states "This server requires an encrypted SSL connection"
Click Next
In about 10-20 minutes you should start receiving your campus emails on your phone.

Setting up CSULA campus email on all other phones
-------------------------------------------------/> Although the instructions will be different, you can try using the settings described in the Android based phones setup as they should be the same.

Note: If there is no option to enter a domain, then enter your username as \