File Formats: JPEG (Please outline all type)
Document DPI: 300
Monitor Pixels: 1280x720 (Every submission will be placed in this final layout dimension.)
Layout: Landscape
Video: Original digital video file (e.g. .mp4, .mpg, etc, but not in DVD format)

PowerPoint 2007 & 2010 Configuration Instructions:

1. Go to the Design tab.
2. Click the Page Setup button.
3. In Slides sized for select Custom and set the Width: 13.34 Inches and Height: 7.5 Inches.
4. Set the slide orientation for Landscape.

Saving the PowerPoint file to JPEG:

1. Go to File and Save As.
2. In "Save as type" select JPEG format.

For Mac Office 2008:

1. Please change the file layout by going to the top menu bar > FILE
2. Page Set Up: go to Slide Slides sized for and select: 16:9
3. Orientation: Landscape > click OK
4. Go to Save: Select the OPTION button
5. Go to Save Slides as Graphics File option.
6. Dots Per Inch: 300. Size: (W)1280 x (H) 720. Click: OK

See the Power Point template file:
ECST TV Monitors

Please email file to Hasmik Simon or bring to E&T A-241.