Naval Seafloor Laboratory

Cal State L.A. civil engineering students conduct research in Seafloor Engineering with engineers at the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center in Port Hueneme, California. The research will develop a mini-cone penetration system for determining seafloor soil properties to assist in the design of foundations and mooring elements; test hydraulic models to analyze the stability of submerged objects on the seafloor; and revise the Navy's marine geotechnical engineering handbook to include new and innovative engineering solutions and technologies.

"This grant will provide unique and exciting research opportunities for our students and open doors for future collaborations with the Office of Naval Research and navy engineers in Port Hueneme," said Mark Tufenkjian the primary investigator for the research.

Cal State L.A. civil engineering undergraduate and graduate students who are selected to participate in the program receive a salary as well as a stipend to cover tuition, books and research-related travel. Undergraduates who enter the program as freshmen and continue through their senior year carry the title of "ONR Scholar."