MS Environmental Science

The Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science prepares students for environmental science research, doctoral study, community college teaching, and technical positions in universities, industry, or governmental agencies.

The degree offers three options and two training experiences


Environmental Biology, Environmental Engineering Science, and Environmental HydrologyThe Environmental Biology Option emphasizes basic research into such areas as conservation, pollution, and global change. Environmental Engineering Science Option treats similar issues (i.e., air, soil, and water pollution and sustainability) from the perspective of engineering solutions. The Environmental Hydrology Option emphasizes fundamental problems of the hydrologic cycle, including water pollution issues, wetlands and watershed hydrology, and hydrologic modeling.

Click on the options to view the current program/plan and for more information contact the appropriate advisor:

1. Environmental Biology
Advisor: Dr. Kirsten Fisher (kfisher2(
2. Environmental Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Arezoo Khodayari ( 
3. Environmental Hydrology
Advisor: Dr. Andre Ellis ( 

Training experiences

  • The Professional Experience is designed for students who want to conclude graduate studies with a master’s degree and immediately seek employment in government agencies or industry.
  • The Research Experience is designed for students who want to continue on to a doctoral program for further preparation for work in academia, agencies or industry.