Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Department offers rigorous academic and much needed technical training in urban and environmental issues. Our students will have both the technical and planning know-how to tackle a number of sustainability issues in Los Angeles and beyond.

BS: Geology

Geology is for individuals interested in environmental sciences, mineral and rock resources, natural hazards, water resources or simply learning about how the earth works and the role that we play in shaping our environment.

·         Quarter System (2015-2016)

·         Semester System 

BA: Geography

Whether studying human-land relationships, elements of the physical environment, or contemporary urban problems, the geographer strives toward understanding the complex spatial relationships that are part of both the physical and cultural environments.


·         Quarter System (2015-2016)

·         Semester System 

     For more information on Geography Programs, view the AnchorGeography Programs in the Americas.

      Department Faculty Advisors:

·         BA Geography--NSS Advisement Office @NSSAdvising@calstatela.edu

·         BA Geology---Dr. M. Hassan Rezaie Boroon (mrezaie@calstatela.edu)


 Plan your road to graduation: 

·         Geoscience Roadmaps