Master's Thesis

If you are interested in writing a thesis (or in the process of writing a thesis), you should be aware of the Math Department's policies and guidelines, as well as those of the university:

LaTeX Templates

The following files are the Math Department LaTeX thesis templates. The idea is that you can download the LaTeX files, add and edit as needed, then typeset and print out the completed thesis/abstract. The template takes care of the margins, pagination, the formats of the title page, copyright page, references, appendices, etc. Comments in the LaTeX files provide information on how to use the templates. Portable Document File (.pdf) versions of these files are also provided in case they are useful.

If you don't have LaTeX or don't know how to use LaTeX you might start at CTAN, the Consolidated TeX Archive Network.

GS-12 Form : Request for Thesis or Project Committee and Title.

The GS-12 form and a thesis abstract need to be sent to the Associate Dean of the college at least one quarter before the thesis defense. The abstract accompanying the GS-12 does not actually need to be in the same, precisely specified, form as the abstract in the thesis, but why not make it the same. 

Thesis Template

In theory, you can take this LaTeX thesis template, insert your own title, abstract, chapters, graphics, committee member names, etc. and then not have to worry about the margins, pagination, the formats of the title page, copyright page, references, appendices, etc.

To typeset the template, you will need the cycloid graphic. This graphic serves only to demonstrate how such graphics can be included in a LaTeX document. If you don't care about that, you don't need the graphics file, and the first change you might make to the thesis template is to remove all the \includegraphics commands. This graphics file needs to be put somewhere your LaTeX application can find it - for example, it could be placed in the same folder as the thesis template itself.


Review details on the submission process, and submission deadlines. You upload your completed thesis in .pdf format (without signatures) to ProQuest. You must also obtain the signatures of all committee members and the department chair on the GS-13 Form (available from the above link). Submit the signed GS-13 Form with original ink signatures to your Thesis/Dissertation Reviewer. The department graduate advisor would also like a signed copy of this form.

Revised: February 2016