Semester Conversion

Cal State LA is converting from quarters to semesters. Our last term on the quarter-based calendar is Summer 2016 and our first term on the semester-based calendar is Fall 2016, with Fall semester classes beginning on Monday, August 22, 2016. This page provides links to resources about semesters and the conversion process as well as about the new semester-based degree programs in the College of Natural and Social Sciences.

The Natural Science Program emphasizes the interrelationships among the several natural science disciplines, including biology, chemistry, geoscience, and physics. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Natural Science provides broad training across several science disciplines and is currently offered as two quarter-based options: Traditional (Option I) and Blended (Option II).

Starting with the Fall 2016 semester-based catalog, the degree will be offered as three semester-based options: Interdisciplinary Science (Option I), Teaching (Option II), and Applied Science (Option III). Essentially, the degree options will become:

  • Traditional (Option I)                 -->   Interdisciplinary Science (Option I)
  • Blended (Option II)                   -->   Teaching (Option II)
  • (new option starting Fall 2016)   -->   Applied Science (Option III)

Degree Programs

General Education Requirements

Before Fall 2016 catalog (quarters)

Effective Fall 2016 catalog (semesters)

  • TBS General Education Lower Division Courses (Effective Fall 2016)
  • TBS General Education Upper Division Courses (Effective Fall 2016)

Contact Information

Dr. James Rudd
Natural Science Program Coordinator and Major Advisor 343-2219

General University Resources