College of Arts and Letters Position Announcements


Assistant Professor – Animation

Assistant Professor of Art with emphasis in Ceramics

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design/Visual Communication

Art Part-time/Temporary Lecturers


Communication Studies

Communication Studies Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Teaching Associate, Communication Studies

Graduate Assistant, Communication Studies



Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

Assistant Professor of African American Literature

English Temporary Lecturers

English Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant, in Community Engagement

Graduate Assistant for First-Year Writing Program

Teaching Associate, English


Liberal Studies

Assistant Professor, Culturally-Relevant Science Pedagogy

Assistant Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies who can teach in multi-disciplinary areas, with priority given to candidates with expertise in LGBTQIA+ Asian, Pacific Islander, and/or Desi American (APIDA) Studies

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Public Humanities and Community Learning

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Cultures of Science

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, WGSS/LBS 3200

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, WGSS 3150

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, Native Feminism and American Indian Studies

Part-Time/Temporary Lecturers, WGSS 2300

Part-Time/TemporaryLecturers, WGSS 3050

Modern Languages and Literatures

MLL Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Teaching Associate, Spanish


Assistant Professor of Music-Vocal (Soprano/Mezzo preferred)

Assistant Professor of Afro-Latin Music

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Music

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music - Pop/Commercial Voice

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music - Jazz Voice

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music - Trombone (Orchestral

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Applied Music - Vihuela


Theatre and Dance

Assistant Professor of Theatre Design and Production

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Theatre

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Dance

Teaching Associate, Theatre Studies

Teaching Associate, Acting and Vocal Technique

Theatre and Dance Graduate Assistant



Assistant Professor of Philosophy- Feminist/Critical Race


Television, Film, and Media Studies

Assistant Professor of Production and Post-Production

TVFM Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, Media Studies

TVFM Graduate Assistants

TVFM Teaching Associate