College of Business and Economics Position Announcements

B&E Dean's Office Positions

Graduate Assistant

Instructional Student Assistants


B&E Student Services Center

Graduate Assistant, in Student Services Center



Assistant Professor

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Graduate Assistants


Computer Information Systems

Assistant Professor, in Information Systems

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers

Graduate Assistants


Economics and Statistics

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, in International Trade and/or Development Economics

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers


Finance and Law

Assistant or Associate Professor, in Finance

Assistant or Associate Professor, in Real Estate

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers



Assistant Professor, in Corporate Social Responsibility

Assistant Professor, in Entrepreneurship

Assistant Professor, in Healthcare Management

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers



Assistant Professor, in Marketing Analytics

Assistant Professor, in Sales and Marketing

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, in International Business

Part-time/Temporary Lecturers, in Social Media