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Q1: What is the minimum GPA for admission into your programs? Do you require the GRE?

For the General MA program, the minimum gpa is 2.75. For the ABA and Forensic programs, the minimum GPA is 3.0. Applicants may also submit GRE scores (general and/or subject tests) to support their application, although the GRE is not required for admission to any of our programs.

Q2: Do you admit students in Spring or Winter?

No, we only admit in Fall. The deadlines to apply are February 1st (ABA), March 1st (MA), or March 15th (Forensic) of each year for fall admission.

Q3. How many letters of recommendation do you require?

Each program requires three (3) letters of recommendation, at least two (2) of which should be from academic sources. Make sure you print the Letter of Recommendation Form and have each of your recommenders attach their letters to this form.

Q4. Who should I ask to write letters of recommendation on my behalf?

Letters of recommendation should come from individuals who are familiar with your academic and your professional abilities. For example, a professor, lecturer, or advisor. Each of our three programs requires that at least two (2) of your letters be from academic sources. Applicants who have been out of college for more than five years may use either academic or professional recommendations.

Q5. Do I have to have a BA/BS in psychology in order to be accepted into any of your programs?

No, you do not need to have a BA or BS in psychology in order to apply. However, the program committee will still want to know why you are applying to our department, if you have any research or training in the field of psychology, and that you have a good understanding of the program you are applying to. These questions should be addressed in your personal statement/letter of intent. If you are admitted, you will also be required to complete a prerequisite program consisting of 31-36 units of psychology coursework before beginning the master's program.

Q6. I am interested in a certain type of research, can you tell me if any of your faculty is doing this type of research?

Make sure you review the Faculty Areas of Interest. You may also contact the faculty member via email to inquire about mentoring with that faculty member.

Q7. What should I say in my personal statement or letter of intent? How many pages should my statement be?

Please make sure you review the specific questions that are being asked by each program. For example, for the ABA option, you are asked to list any experience you have had in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Each application packet will also list the word count or the number of pages your statement should be.

Q8. Would you please send me an application and information packet about your programs?

In order to keep costs down, we no longer print any application or information packets. All of the information regarding our graduate programs, including the applications, can be found on our website.

Q9. Do I have to send in all application materials at once?

No, you can send in the different materials of your application as they are completed. We will hold any materials that arrive under your name, but will only begin tracking you and corresponding with you once we receive your department application. If you send in your application and do not receive an email confirmation within 2-3 weeks, please email our Graduate Assistant or call (323) 343-2272.

Q10. I applied last year and was denied admission. I will be applying again this year and want to use some of the same materials from my earlier application, is that possible?

Yes, we keep applications on file for 1 year. After receiving your deny letter, send an email to our Graduate Assistant stating that you are reapplying and would like to you some or all the documents from your previous application. It is also helpful to contact the Director of the program to find out why your application was denied and if there are ways to strenghten your application for the next cycle.

Q11. Are there additional requirements for international students?

No, the department does not hold you to any additional requirements. However, it is very important that international students check with the International Office and find out what materials/documents are needed by the University Admissions Office. These offices have separate deadlines for submission of all materials or documents.

Q12: For the MA program, how does the mentorship system work? Do I need to secure a mentor before applying to the program?

There is no need to secure a mentor before applying to the MA program. However, it is strongly recommended that you address the question about your area of specialization and that you indicate faculty members in the department with whom you would like to work with. Make sure you review the Faculty Areas of Interest.

Q13: Can I submit my department application online or via email?

No, the department does not accept applications online or via email. You must print a hardcopy of the application and all materials and send them to us via regular mail or submit to us in-person before the published deadlines. The only application that you can submit online is to the University via www.csumentor.org.



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