Cognitive and Behavioral Research Labs

Cognitive labs

Mitchell Eisen ► Forenisic Psychology Eyewitness Memory Lab

Lab: KH D3071-E


Research interests span over two broad areas. Much of his current work examines issues related to eyewitness memory and suggestibility. In addition, Dr. Eisen does research on children's memory and suggestibility with a focus on examining the impact of stress and trauma on memory reports, and disclosures of abuse.


Joel Ellwanger ► Cognitive Psychophysiology Laboratory

Lab: KH D3077-C


Research interests include cognitive psychology neuroscience, including the study of attention and memory through the use of physiological indices of cognition.


Robert Kennison ► Silver Eagle Memory and Aging Lab

Lab: KH C3105


My research interests are in cognitive aging and are twofold. The first area of research examines human memory performance across the lifespan. This involves modeling of longitudinal data to determine the nature, rate, and shape of change. The second line of research concerns experimental studies of age effects in theory-based memory and learning models.


Henry Schlinger ► Behavior Analysis Lab

Lab: KH D3079


Research interests include basic learning processes, schedules of reinforcement, conceptual issues in behavior analysis and psychology, rule-governed behavior, and verbal behavior.


Ji Son ► Learning Lab

Lab: KH C165


Research focuses on the development of abstract, intelligent, and flexible thinking, and how children learn through the process of generalization.




Social Psychology Lab