Current Members | The Center for Multicultural Research

Andrew ChavezAndrew Chavez has been a member of the Multicultural Research Lab since the summer of 2014. He is an alumnus of CSU Northridge and is a current graduate student in the Psychology M.A. program here at CSULA. He is interested in studying the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality and their influence and relationships to institutions and systems of power and oppression. Andrew plans to pursue a doctoral degree to become a professor at the university level. For fun, Andrew likes hosting dinner parties, watching (and critically analyzing) movies and TV shows, and exploring Los Angeles and surrounding areas.



Ruby FletesRuby Fletes has been a member of the Multicultural Research Center since October of 2012. She is currently an undergraduate student at CSULA working towards her Psychology, B.A. degree with a minor in Biology. She aspires to attend medical school or a Ph.D. program for clinical psychology. Her volunteering experience includes volunteering at a local hospital, an educator at the LA Sheriff’s department in an intervention program for at-risk youth, group mentor for a medical internship program for high school students and helping in free medical clinics provided for those without health insurance. With her education, volunteering and research experience in the Multicultural Research Center she plans on providing a biopsychosocial approach to the gang related issues in her hometown community. She hopes that examining acculturation conflicts among parents and youth will complement generational and familial issues involved in gang related violence. ​


Linda GonzalezLinda Gonzalez has been a member of the Multicultural Research Center since the summer of 2014. She is currently pursuing her B.A. in psychology and is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2015.  Linda is motivated to pursue graduate school by her interest in better understanding the problems associated with young adolescents and high school drop-out rates. Linda hopes to come back and contribute to the community she grew up in by working and doing research as a program development director. Aside from school, she enjoys volunteering her time at events geared towards helping those in need, keeping up an active lifestyle, and salsa dancing.



Guadalupe GutierrezGuadalupe Gutierrez has been a member of the Multicultural Research Center since 2011. Currently, she is a second year graduate student in the M.A. in Psychology program at CSULA. Her research interests involve working with underrepresented populations focusing on their experiences during school and the effects of these on their mental health as they continue with their education. Guadalupe wants to focus on the development of interventions that will enhance students’ abilities to succeed in school and that will help them face adversity. In the future, she will pursue a doctoral program in counseling psychology to become a university professor and a counselor. For her Master’s thesis, she focuses on early school experiences and psychological adjustment effects in ethnic minorities. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with my family and friends. She also enjoys engaging in outdoor activities and traveling.



Christinalee HousemanChristinalee Houseman has been a member of the Multicultural Research Center since June of 2008. She is an alumna of Pasadena City College and CSU Los Angeles. Her research interests focus on the development of prejudice, specifically homophobia. For her Master's thesis, she examined the effects of acculturation, religiosity, and gender-role ideology on attitudes toward homosexuality among Latino young adults. She hopes to pursue a career in education. In her spare time, Christinalee enjoys spending with her husband and son, conducting genealogical research, and working as a freelance web designer and developer.



Gloriana LopezGloriana Lopez first joined the Multicultural Research Center in January of 2013. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in the summer of 2013, and since then, she has worked with kids with special needs. Gloriana plans to apply for the M.A. program at CSULA for fall 2015 with the goal to go on to a Ph.D. program. Her research interests include the LGBT community, the effects of the internet on behavior, and acculturation issues within immigrant cultures. In the future, Gloriana would like to teach at the university level.



Jillian ShenJillian Shen is a second-year graduate student from the M.A. in Psychology program at CSULA. She has joined the lab since the summer of 2013. Jillian’s research works have mostly been related to adolescents and young adults who participate in more than one culture as well as the contribution they bring to the family and community that are often overlooked by society. She is interested in studying how these individuals’ unique language and cultural experiences affect their social, psychological, and educational development. Her Master’s thesis is about language brokering, which refers to the translation and interpretation work immigrant children often do for their parents. She is examining whether language brokering helps immigrant youth emotionally understand their parents’ perspectives and reduce intergenerational cultural conflicts, particularly in the context of cohesive and understanding communication with parents. She is also a big dog lover and she enjoys reading at her leisure, hiking, and snowboarding.