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The Department of Psychology



The Psychology Clinic offers low cost Counseling to individuals, couples and families. The clinic is sponsored by the Psychology Department at California State University, Los Angeles.

People come to the clinic from a variety of community agencies and resources. In recent years the clinic has also extended its services to faculty, staff and students in the University. Often it is necessary for clinic patients to be referred to other community resources in addition to those it provides. For example, drug and alcohol problems require additional supervision and education; clinic patients with such problems are encouraged to participate in twelve step recovery programs in addition to counseling in the clinic. Similarly, patients who come to the clinic with learning difficulties, medical problems, severe depression, and many other problems that require the services of other professionals besides clinic counselors are helped to obtain those services in the community. There is no restriction on length of time patients may be seen in the clinic. Some patients are seen for one or two sessions, others establish a longer term relationship with their counselors, and some clinic patients continue their counseling with more than one counselor.

Clinic counselors are students who are completing the requirements of the State of California's Board of Behavioral Science Examiners in preparation to be licensed as Marriage and Family Therapists. These student counselors have completed most of their Masters level course work in Psychology and are considered to be ready to start gathering practical counseling experience, by the Psychology Department clinical faculty. These student clinic counselors receive supervision by Psychology Department clinical faculty who are also Licensed Psychologists in the State of California.

Typically clinic patients come to the California State University, Los Angeles campus one time per week for counseling. The fee for each session is $25 and must be paid at each session. Sometimes clinic patients have financial hardships that require adjustments in the amount the clinic charges. The clinic attempts to offer services to low income individuals and families and tries to avoid turning people away because they cannot pay the full fee.. On the other hand no one is seen in the clinic without a fee.

People interested in becoming a clinic patient must phone the clinic (323) 343-2273 to make an appointment for an initial interview or contact the program Director Profesor Brigitte Matthies at (323) 343-5109. Professor Matthies can also be reached via E-mail at


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