Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology



This facility was founded in 1968 by Dr. David Perrott. Over the past 30 years, research conducted by students and faculty in this laboratory has culminated in approximately 200 peer-reviewed publications, conference papers, and professional presentations. The Psychoacoustics Laboratory has sponsored and housed the independent research and/or thesis projects of over 120 students, the majority of whom have subsequently entered and completed Ph.D. programs. Former students who are currently in Doctoral or Post-doctoral programs can be found in the following institutions: U.C. Berkeley; U.C. Santa Cruz, U.C. Santa Barbara, U.C. Riverside, U.S.C., M.I.T., Wright State, U. Mass. and Oxford. It is probable that this facility has trained more psychoacousticians than any other research center in the world.
The Laboratory has played a significant role in the literature concerned with the processing of auditory spatial information under dynamic conditions. Fully half of the "auditory motion" research that has been published in the last thirty years was performed here at Cal State. This pre-eminence in the area of space and motion gives this laboratory a decided advantage in the emerging area of "virtual reality". The immediate future appears very positive.


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