Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology



The laboratory was developed by Dr. David Weiss and his students and is utilized for the conduct of experiments covering a variety of problem domains, with the specific project usually conceived by the student. The unifying principle is that some aspect of judgment is under investigation. The room is intentionally kept anonymous, as some experiments explore delicate issues, such as sexuality, and the true nature of the experiment may in some instances not be revealed to the subject until participation is over. Most of these investigations call for subjects to be run singly. During 1996-1997, Carol Fodera (anxiety in response to dental procedures), Anthony Ong (eliciting truthful responses to sensitive questions), and Stephanie Straeter (response times to rape-myth-consistent or contradictory sentences) have used the lab to collect data that has been submitted as part of their master's theses. Similar productivity has been the case for recent years.
Dr. Weiss expects to continue to be supportive of student-generated research projects, rather than carrying out programmatic research of his own on which students assist. The judgmental models Weiss uses can be applied in many domains. Since all of his projects have a large empirical component, space for data collection is necessary.


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