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Computer Programs and Research Materials Developed in the CSLA Psychology Department

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Computer Files

Program Description contains a self-installing program, Chisetup.exe that, by default, places Chisq.exe into C:\Windows\Calstat directory (which the program will create if needed, unless the user specifies otherwise). The Chi-Square program offers a user-friendly way to test the standard hypothesis of Row x Column independence.
CONCENTR.EXEThis program is a simplified version of the memory game "Concentration". Included is the VB3 code incorporating an illustration of how to achieve screen size and resolution independence.
MEIM.DOCThe Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure (MEIM) is a questionnaire measure of ethnic identity designed to be used with adolescents and adults from any ethnic group. The latest version of the measure has 12 items tapping two factors: affective components (positive feelings, pride) and cognitive or developmental components (exploration of the meaning of ethnicity). Responses are made on a 5-point Likert scale.
PROB.ZIPProbability Learning Experiment. (1) Program written in Visual Basic which "runs" in all environments (including Windows 95). (2) As the name implies, the PB experimental program allows students to create classic PB learning experiments but with a much wider array of potential variables available to the student experimenter than would have been the case in the 1950-60's when this paradigm was particularly popular. Thus, for example, a "pseudo-PB experiment" can be configured where the program "peeks" at the subject's response and thus can manipulate the outcome and create success histories. (3) One unexpected product of this paradigm has been to sharpen the student-experimenter's understanding of probability; needless to say modern psychology makes extensive use of this concept in all phases of its effort.
PSYVOTE99.ZIPPsyvote99 is a Windows 95 program that generates ballots for departmental elections, and then analyzes the voting sheets turned in by individual voters using the single-transferable ballot scheme. The ballot counting routine allows for half-votes. The program allows the user to create, and subsequently to update, a departmental data base consisting of entries for each faculty member (full- or part-time). The program is integrated with Microsoft Word, versions 6, 7, or Word97. The download consists of Psyvote99.CAB, the self-installing setup program (Setup.exe), and Setup.lst. Run Setup.exe and the setup program will create a directory for the voting program, Psyvote99.exe, and its associated files. Windows NT users will need "administrative" privileges to install program files. Psyvote99 is maintained by David J. Weiss, Dept. of Psychology (
TESTGEN.EXEThis is a program in Visual Basic to generate computer questionnaires with automatic data processing.


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