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The Department of Psychology


General M.A. Option in the Department of Psychology

The General Option for the M.A. Degree is designed for students pursuing graduate work without the specific career objective of advanced doctoral training. The Psychology Department offers a mentor-based graduate program. As a consequence, students are encouraged to contact a faculty member in the area of research in which they are interested before applying to the University. Positions in the department are limited and acceptance into the program depends on students finding someone on the faculty who will agree to serve as a mentor. Acceptance by a faculty member as a mentor is required for admission to the department (See Application Form in Graduate Handbook).

Application Process

Applicants must have completed an undergraduate major in psychology and achieved a grade point average of 2.75 or above in the last 90 quarter units of undergraduate work at an accredited institution. Applicants must apply to the Department of Psychology and to the University Admissions Office. Application forms are available in the department graduate studies office. Completed applications include the departmental application form, a statement of purpose (See Application Form in Graduate Handbook), a copy of transcripts indicating undergraduate degree and three letters of recommendation and must be received by the department prior to April 10th for admission to Fall quarter. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Interested students should contact the Department of Psychology at California State University Los Angeles (323) 343-2250, or contact the program Director, Professor Ramani Durvasula at (323) 343-5872. Professor Durvasula can also be reached via E-mail at

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