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Mathematical Psychology Survey

Mathematical Psychology Survey

To members of the Mathematical Psychology mailing list:

Please help me get an overview of the mentoring demographics of mathematical psychology. The questionnaire has three items and will take less than 1 minute to fill out. I will report the results at the 1999 meeting.

David J. Weiss


    For how many years have you been a faculty member in a Ph.D. granting institution?  

    How many students whom you mentored (chaired the dissertation committee) have received Ph.D.s in mathematical psychology? (The formal degree specification does not matter; what counts is whether you think the topic qualifies as mathematical psychology).  

    Of those students whom you mentored and who received Ph.D.s in mathematical psychology, how many do you know to have ever been faculty members in a university (Ph.D. granting or not)?  

Thank you for your cooperation.



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