Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology

Non-Majors in Psychology

For those applicants whose Baccalaureate is not in Psychology but who fulfill this Program grade point average requirement (3.0), their transcripts should reflect 24 semester or 31-36 quarter units of Psychology coursework comparable to that described below. The courses listed below indicate the appropriate courses, if taken at CSLA. For students interested in the Marriage and Family Therapy program, coursework taken elsewhere must be evaluated by the MFT advisor for equivalence. Applicants should bring course descriptions from the catalog of the college or university at which courses were taken. Whenever possible credit will be given for comparable course work taken elsewhere.

Individuals wishing to enroll in CSULA in order to complete the prerequisites listed below should not apply to the Masters programs but should apply to the University for Post-baccalaureate status.

Applicants should be aware that satisfactory completion of the prerequisites listed below does not constitute acceptance to any graduate program but simply qualifies one to apply.

  1. Each of the following:

    Psy 202 Descriptive Statistics in Psychology (5)
    Psy 302 Inferential Statistics in Psychology (5)
    Psy 304A Experimental Psychology (6)
    Psy 308 Theories and Systems (4)

  2. Two of the following:

    Psy 410A Abnormal Psychology (4)
    Psy 410B Abnormal Psychology (4)
    Psy 412A Developmental Psychology (4)
    Psy 412B Developmental Psychology (4)
    Psy 418A Personality (4)

  3. Two of the following:

    Psy 401 Physiological Psychology (4)
    Psy 421 Learning & Behavior (4)
    Psy 422 Social Psychology (4)
    Psy 423 Motivation & Emotion (4)
    Psy 424 Cognitive Psychology (4)
    Psy 425 Sensation & Perception (4)
    Psy 433 Cognitive Development (4)


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