Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology



King Hall D3071A currently serves as research space for the Psychology of Religion Lab under the direction of Dr. Nancy Cobb. In the past year, a total of six students have participated in two separate research projects, each of which was presented at a professional meeting. One master's thesis has also come out of this lab during this time. Currently two new projects, each involving a research team comprised of Dr. Cobb and two to three students are in progress.
Ianticipate that my research over the next five years will take much the same form as it has in the past. Specifically, this means working with small groups of students, involving them in the design, implementation, data collection, data analysis, presentation at professional meetings and, for some, collaborative efforts in preparing a manuscript for publication. Unless my reaching schedule changes appreciably, I anticipate that I will be involved in no more than two such projects per year. The number of master's theses coming out of the Psychology of Religion Lab, however, should increase. This increase should reflect my decision to direct only theses having a bearing on the psychology of religion.


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