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THIS WEBSITE provides information about community service learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.  This website was designed for students in Dr. Kimberly King's service-learning classes in the Psychology Department at Cal State LA but may be helpful for anyone interested in volunteering for Los Angeles area community service, advocacy, and activist organizations.

What is Service-Learning?

Service learning (SL) is an aspect of an academic course that allows students to provide needed volunteer service to disadvantaged communities that utilizes students' academic knowledge and skills.  SL classes require students to provide community service as a means of applying their course-related knowledge and skills to community problems.  SL thus benefits both the student and the community. Course readings and lectures expose students to theoretical and conceptual issues within psychology that can be applied to community service.  In-class discussions and exercises, as well as reflection papers, facilitate students' understanding of how their real-life service experiences relate to the academic information presented in class.

Cal State LA also has the Educational Participation in Communities (EPIC) program which also connects Cal State LA students of all majors to volunteer, this site is primarily for social science majors.  Please see the EPIC website for further information.

To Students:

The mission of this website is to connect California State University Los Angeles students interested in service learning with programs in need of qualified assistants, trainees, and volunteer staff. If you are in search of a placement, please take a look at our community agency list to see which programs or agencies are currently available and where you may acquire further information.  Also available on this site is the Community Service Learning Placement Information Form (PDF). This form is required of students who intend to receive course/service learning credit for volunteer work at any of the sites listed or at another site of the student's choosing. 

To Agencies and Organizations:

If you are a representative of an agency or program and are interested in California State University Los Angeles psychology student volunteers, trainees, or interns please download and print the Agency Information Request Form (PDF).  Complete the form and return it to Dr. Kimberly King at 5151 State University Drive, LA, CA 90032.  

Your agency or program may also go to the EPIC homepage to get information on EPIC's student volunteer program.

Contact Information

For further information on psychology programs at California State University Los Angeles please see the Psychology Department.

If you wish further information on the service learning program please call Dr. Kimberly King at the phone number below or contact her via fax or e-mail.

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