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Department Office: King Hall C3093   Phone: 323-343-2200    

IN PERSON office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

REMOTE Office Hours are Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Message from the Chair of the Department for Spring 2022


Dear Students,


As per the Cal State LA email from President Covino on 1/4/22, classes will be conducted remotely from Monday, January 24, 2022 through Friday, February 11, 2022. Although spring semester 2022 will begin with remote classes, we are in our offices to help you in person, by phone, and by email during our normal business hours, Monday through Thursday. We are available to help you remotely during normal business hours on Fridays. Beginning Monday February 14, 2022, classes scheduled to meet in person will begin to meet on campus.

If you need permission to enroll in one or more SOC courses, please complete the Request for Permission to Enroll Form and email it to Administrative Assistant, Lauren Preciado, at

Enrolling in classes in spring 2022 may be a little challenging because there are 5 class formats from which you may choose based on whether the course is offered (1) on campus, starting Feb 14th, (2) via Zoom, (3) online, or (4 &5) some combination of these teaching modes. The table below summarizes the 5 class formats. To learn more and to see how these formats appear in GET, please click on the sidebar called Enrolling in Classes.





Class Format Type


Class meets on Campus?


Class meets via Zoom?


Is class Online?

Day/Time listed in

GET on Lines 1-2

Day/Time listed in

GET on Line 3

Room listed in

GET on Line 1

Room listed in

GET on Line 2








Yes, after Feb 11th

Yes, but only until

Feb 11th





Day/Time is listed



Room is listed




Remote (also called

Synchronous Online)











Day/Time is listed









Fully Online







Day/Time is

listed as TBA








a)part Traditional

b)part Online

Yes, about half the time after

Feb 11th


Yes, but only until Feb 11th


Yes, about half the time


Day/Time is listed


Day/Time is listed as TBA


Room is listed







a)part Remote

b)part Online




Yes, about half

the time

Yes, about half the



Day/Time is listed

Day/Time is listed as









We hope that you are staying healthy and that you have the resources you need. For up-to-date information on staying healthy, please continuously check the Health Watch page of the Cal State LA website:

The university has some computers or hotspots they are loaning to students. For up-to-date information on computer or hotspot loans, please continuously check the Office of the Dean of Students website:

The sociology department office staff and I want to help you to succeed. If you have any questions, please feel free to come in, call or email us. We are located in KH-C3093, our office phone number is 323-343-220, and our email addresses are listed below.  Please let us know how we can help.


Dr. Roseann Giarrusso, Department Chair and Professor of Sociology,


Office staff:

Charles Ledesma, Administrative Support Assistant,   

Lauren Preciado, Administrative Support Assistant,

Message from the Faculty Advisor for Undergraduates


Hi everyone,


As your Faculty Advisor in the Sociology Department, I'm here to help you with any advising questions. Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. In Spring 2022, I'll be holding advising office hours on Zoom Monday and Tuesday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. I'll be in my Zoom meeting room for you to drop in for advising questions during this time window. Below please find the Zoom meeting link: 

Meeting ID: 858 0167 7000


Feel free to reach out!

Dr. Bao



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Sociology Mission

The primary mission of the Sociology Department is to provide students with sociological perspectives and sociological techniques of inquiry designed to enhance their intellectual, personal, and occupational lives. Part of this mission is to offer academic programs appropriate for students with a wide variety of backgrounds in order to address the diverse needs for higher education in our community and to provide courses that are designed to enhance individual student understanding of interactive, institutional, and macro-level aspects of our diverse worldA further aspect of the mission is to provide opportunities for students to connect sociological understandings to community experience and to enhance such understandings through service to the community. The Department's mission includes the encouragement of faculty engagement in instruction, curricular development, professional activity, and governance in order to promote a strong teaching and learning environment.

Sociology Focus 

According to the American Sociological Association (sociologists' primary professional organization): "Sociology is the study of our behavior as social beings, covering everything from the analysis of short contacts between anonymous individuals on the street to the study of global social processes." Sociology is a social science involving the study of the social lives of people and groups, in all social contexts. Sociology is the scientific study of the changing groups and institutions shaping human experience throughout people’s lives. It is a social science that links all studies of humankind, including communications, economics, history, and psychology.  Sociology provides excellent preparation for the workforce and continued education due to the program learning outcomes (PLOs) anchoring our curriculum. These are the official BA PLOs and MA PLOs. 

Sociology Programs

Our department offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Sociology. We also offer three Minor Programs for those not majoring in sociology. See the CSULA Course Catalog for details.

Undergraduates majoring in sociology choose ONE of the FOUR Sociology BA Program options: The General Sociology Option, the Inequalities and Diversity Option, the Law and Society Option, or the Social Gerontology Option. Clicking on the blue hyperlinks above will take you to the BA Program options effective as of Fall 2019.    

MA students majoring in sociology follow the same basic MA Sociology Program but choose ONE of THREE culminating options: Option A Thesis, Option B Comprehensive Examinations, or Option C Project (portfolio). Each of these three options has a dedicated canvas support site that may be accessed by any CSULA student at any time.

Community Engagement and Applied Sociology

UNDERGRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES: Part of the Department's mission is to "connect sociological understandings to community experience and to enhance such understandings through service to the community." For this reason, the Department offers multiple opportunities for community engagement in addition to the Sociology BA Major requirement of SOC 3700, Civic Learning. The Department offers classroom-supported opportunities through elective courses such as SOC 4050Sociology Internships and Service Learning and SOC 4700, Applied Sociology through Civic Engagement, as well as one-on-one faculty-supervised internships with a community agency or organization through the SOC 3980 and SOC 4980 Cooperative Education courses. Opportunities to work one-on-one with faculty on research projects are also available through SOC 4990, Undergraduate Directed Study. A limited number of supervision experience credits may be used toward the Sociology BA major program. 

GRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES: Graduate students are considered pre-professionals and have several opportunities to work on increasing their professionalism. Students may undertake independent research projects under faculty supervision or may work one-on-one with faculty engaged in ongoing research through SOC 5980, Graduate Directed Study. They may also undertake internships with social agencies, community organizations, or non-departmental research organizations through SOC 5950, Graduate Field Experience. Students interested in working at non-profits, community agencies, and social institutions benefit from these experiences. Currently, 26% of our recent MA Program graduates participating in the 2019 alumni survey report having jobs of this type.   

Students interested in teaching at the college level may also gain experience as Teaching Interns in undergraduate classes to combine elements of a TA experience with individualized mentorship from the course professor through SOC 5940 Teaching Sociology Internship or SOC 5941 Sociology Internship. An MA seminar on teaching skills, philosophy, and career preparation is also offered (SOC 5930, Teaching Sociology at the College Level). Currently, 21% of our recent MA Program graduates participating in the 2019 alumni survey are teaching at the college level without having PhDs. Another two are teaching in K-12.

BA and MA COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND APPLIED SOCIOLOGY AWARDS: The Sociology Department also formally recognizes those students who have made exceptional contributions through independent work. Recently BA and MA sociology students won Service to the Community Awards for their work with organizations such as 1736 Family Crisis Center; A Place Called Home; Behavior Respite in Action; Better Learning for All Students Today (BLAST); Children’s Institute; Chrysalis; Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services Suicide-Prevention Center; Downtown Women’s Center; East Los Angeles Women’s Center; Free Arts Courthouse Programs; Lake Avenue Church; Los Angeles Police Department; Project NEO; R. D. White Elementary School; S.O.B.E.R. International;  St. Francis Center; Thomas Edison Elementary School and Volunteers of America, Los Angeles (VOALA). Several of our students also won Service to the Department Awards for leadership level work when serving as officers or organizing events for the Sociology Club; MA students also earned this award for their exceptional work as teaching interns, research assistants

The Sociology Club

Sociology Club Officers 2016-17

 The Sociology Club is an official student organization and holds multiple events every term. Some examples include Locating Internships, Resume Building, Student-Professor Meet and Greet, and various informational events on applying to further educational programs. Dr. Giarrusso, the Sociology Department Chair,  is the faculty mentor. Click to download the Sociology Club Membership Form.

 The Sociology Club MissionTo promote a positive academic attitude and provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth by emphasizing the critical importance of scholarship, networking, and community involvement. To establish programs to encourage and assist members in pursuing higher education, as well as encouraging students to work closely with faculty and staff to establish and cultivate mentor relationships. Provide mentorship and friendship while attending various events that serve as forums for debate, discussion, and the stimulation of interest in sociological issues,  events, and developments.

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Jobs Held by Cal State Los Angeles Department of Sociology Alumni.

Graduates of our programs have gone on to careers in an array of fields. According to the Sociology Department’s last two sociology “recent alumni” surveys, alumni reported working in the following areas (for specific examples, click on blue): social services and agencies (24%); instruction and education-related (17%); legal issues-related (15%); organizations and labor-related (15%); counseling (12%); research (6%); and other discipline-related work (5%)

Our most notable alumni include Maxine Waters, US Congresswoman, Rosario Marin, Former US. Treasurer, and Stuart K. Spencer, Political Consultant for Presidents and Governors.