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The Sociology Department recently held a graduation ceremony for all of our majors in conjunction with the university-wide graduation ceremony.  It was a great pleasure to honor all of our 2002 graduates.  Here are links to a couple of photos from that event:

2002 Sociology Graduation #1

2002 Sociology Graduation #2 

In Spring 1998, the Department surveyed its students and alumni for its program review, a mandatory evaluation conducted by all CSULA departments every five years. Here are the highlights of some of the findings based on the responses of 91 baccalaureate alumni (1992-97) who have completed the questionnaire survey.

What Our Alumni Do After Graduation
Teaching (19.8%) and business related occupations (18.7%) are the two most common careers for our graduates, followed by social services (15.4%), legal services (8.8%), law enforcement (5.5%), and health services (3.3%).

And Some Went on For Advanced Study
About half of our BA alumni went on for post-baccalaureate study after graduation. The fields of advanced study in descending order of frequency are: Education (14.3%), Sociology (7.7%), Social Work (6.6%), Law (5.5%), Psychology (4.4%), and health (1.1%). About 7% of the respondents are in various fields too few to be classified into any categories.

What Our Alumni Say About the Strengths of the Department
Our graduates (67%) are most likely to mention the faculty as the strength of the Department. About 33% mentioned our academic program. Staff and advisement also received some favorable review.

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