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The American Sociological Association offers a general overview of what one can actually do with a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, or PhD in sociology. And as the discussion will indicate, sociology, with its solid liberal arts training, provides excellent preparation for a wide range of entry level positions in such fields as education, law, medicine, business, law enforcement, social work, counseling, and social services.

A better sense for what many of our graduates of Cal State LA are actually doing can be obtained by visiting our alumni link. And what these recent data will reveal is that a substantial number of our graduates is involved in such professions as teaching, business, social services, law enforcement, and health services. Significant, too, is the observation that approximately fifty percent of our graduates have pursued graduate or advanced training in such fields as sociology, education, social work, law, and health-related fields.

The American Sociological Association has several brochures online discussing careers in sociology, including:

Majoring in Sociology: A Guide for Students

The Sociology Major: Preparation for Careers

Careers in Sociology

Careers in Clinical Sociology


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