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Sociology studies social behavior, social institutions, and social structure. We offer a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Sociology. There are three options for our B.A. students: General Sociology, Inequalities and Diversity, and Law and Society.  And for students majoring in other fields, we offer three minors: General Sociology, Law and Society, and Social Gerontology. The Department offers a wide range of interesting courses, centralized graduate and undergraduate advisement, student organizations, and an excellent teaching faculty and staff. Many of our professors have been recognized for their accomplishments. Among our distinguished faculty are Dr. Lawrence K. Hong, Dr. Terry Kandal, and Dr. Eui-Young Yu who have been honored as Outstanding Professors by the University.  Dr. K. William Wasson and Dr. Gunnar Valgeirsson have been honored as Lecturers of the Year by the California Faculty Association.  Other faculty are well-known for their work and publications in such areas as social exchange, deviance, criminology, popular culture, women’s studies, law, emotions, and the Korean and Latino community. Overall, the Department of Sociology at Cal State LA is a vibrant and exciting place to be.

The Department provides computer access for its majors. The PC is on the Department's front counter. Please feel free to make use of it for checking on such things as class schedules, programs, course requirements, and the like.


The Sociology Department has a facebook page where you can keep up on any department news.  The address for the page is: or search for CSULA Department of Sociology when you are logged into Facebook.





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