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The minors are best described as the majors in microcosm. The Sociology currently offers three different minor programs: General Sociology, Law and Society, and Social Gerontology.

Minor Program Worksheets

General Sociology Minor

The Minor in Sociology offers valuable preparation for students majoring in criminal justice, law enforcement, social and human services, pre-law, business, and a host of other fields. The minor itself consists of 28 units and includes 12 units of required courses (Soc 201, Soc 390, and Soc 414) and 16 units of upper division electives, selected in consultation with the Department's advisors. 

Law and Society Minor

The department has recently added a minor program in Law and Society.  The Minor in Law and Society is designed for students majoring in other fields who wish to study how social forces influence the legal system and how the law affects society from a sociological perspective. The minor helps prepare students for a wide variety of law related careers and professional programs.  The minor requires completion of 28 units.  This includes 8 units of required courses (SOC 201 and SOC 488), 4 units of interdisciplinary work, and 16 additional units of elective courses.  For the interdisciplinary work, students must choose 1 course from among the following: CRIM 126 - Concepts of Criminal Law; CRIM 203 - Judicial Organization; PHIL  490 - Philosophy of Law; POLS 441 - American Constitutional Law:  Federalism; POLS 442 - American Constitutional Law: Civil Rights; POLS 443 - American Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties.

The remaining 16 units of elective courses should be chosen from among the following: SOC 383 - Violence in American Society; SOC 426 - Deviant Behavior; SOC 433 - Bioethics and Sociology; SOC 449 - Professionals in Society; SOC 480 - Criminology; SOC 481 - Policing America; SOC 482 - Juvenile Delinquency; SOC 484 - Corrections; SOC 485 - Conflict and Domestic Violence; SOC 486 - Probation and Parole; SOC 487 - Environmental Policy, Law, and Society; SOC 489 - Sociological Considerations for Jury Consultants; CRIM 308 - White Collar Crime; CRIM 370 - Women and Crime; POLS 446 - Comparative Legal Systems.

Social Gerontology Minor

The Minor in Social Gerontology is geared primarily for those students preparing for occupations relating to the needs and activities of the elderly. The minor also helps to prepare those who might want to conduct research in the field of aging. This minor requires the completion of 24-28 units, and includes 12 units of required courses (SOC 201, SOC 323, and SOC 450) and 12-16 units of elective courses, selected with advisor approval.

For more information, please contact the undergraduate adviser.

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