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Dr. Janet Lever was honored last spring with a Distinguished Woman Award.  This award honors the outstanding achievements of women faculty, staff, and administrators at California State University, Los Angeles.  Awardees are recognized for a variety of accomplishments, including achievements within her field, significant contributions to Cal State L.A., commitment to students and women's issues, community involvement, and professional recognition.  The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 25, 2004.

Dr. Janet Lever recently appeared on the Today Show discussing the results of the Cybersex and Romance Survey given online through and is currently featuring several articles on this topic and can be found by clicking on the links below:

Dating and Mating on the Internet

Personals, sex sites changing the rules of love



Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD), the national sociology honor society, initiated a number of students during the Spring 2004 initiation banquet.  The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Julie Albright. Students interested in more information about AKD should check the following link.

Alpha Kappa Delta


Other News
New Courses
Several new or modified courses in sociology have recently been approved.  These courses will begin to be offered in Fall 2004.
Modified Course
SOC 443 - Diversity in Alternative Families (4)
Cross-cultural examination of family diversity: Inter-racial/ethnic relationships; Minority and low-income single-parent households; Same-sex and step-families; International/ethnic adoption; Socio-legal implications of reproductive technologies.
New Courses
SOC 591 - Sociology Methods Application (1)
Prerequisites: SOC 590, SOC 410 and SOC 490 or 491, with grades of B or better.  Focused faculty and peer input on methodological issues related either to preparation for the thesis or comprehensive examination (May be repeated to a maximum of 2 units); (CR/NC)
SOC 592 - Content Analysis (1)
Prerequisite: SOC 490 or 491 with a grade of B or better.  Focused instruction from design through analysis.  Students complete individually-designed projects based on any appropriate content-analysis medium (historical or contemporary documents, speeches/narratives, arts, media, cyberspace, etc.); (ABC/NC)
SOC 593 - Teaching Sociology at the College Level (3)
Prerequisite: Advancement to Candidacy.  May be taken alone or concurrently with SOC 594.  Higher educational pedagogy training in sociology instruction.  Includes: standard lecture, multi-modal teaching and learning styles; syllabus design; preparing lessons, class materials, and exams; grading practices; course and student outcomes assessment; (ABC/NC)
SOC 594 - Teaching Sociology Internship (3)
Prerequisite: Advancement to Candidacy.  May be taken alone or concurrently with SOC 593.  SOC 594 instructor provides pedagogical training and discussion while students intern with a mentor professor in the classroom-based internship.  mentor professors determine internship role (running discussion groups, guest lecturing); (CR/NC)



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