Honors Convocation 2004 Sociology Program

Sociology Honors Convocation 2004


The DeanÂ’s List acknowledges academic achievement across all undergraduate coursework completed in 2003. Only the top 5% of these students are named to the DeanÂ’s List. The 46 sociology students who qualified are listed below. 17 of them have also received their BA degrees in the meantime:


Tanya Alvarez

Takahiro Kawashima

Claudia Balderamos

Lizette Lopez

Allison Beas

Marvin Milian

Dwight Beltz

Lisette Miranda

Maria Castillo

Tiffany Mitchell

Hui Man Cheung

Keiko Moreno

Janie Chien

Maria Ordunez

Allison De Vera

Rosalia Penaloza

Rena Durrant

Evelyn Pinon

Daniel Franco

Shannon Prior

Gohar Galadzhyan

Yolanda Quezada

Sandra  Garcia

Maritza Ramos

Kris Gungon

Kathlyn Reed

Gustavo Gutierrez

Christine Rodriguez

Peter Han

Mirna Sierra

Marianne Hoang

Nina Smart

Satomi Honda

Sarah Smith

Shannon Hovis

Joaquin Uribe

Annette Hunt

Azatui Voskanyan

Tifonee Huston

Casey Welch

Michelle Ige

Shan Yain Wong

Tanya Jackson

Nancy Worsham

Michael Jang

Edmund Yee



To win an Award for Academic Achievement in the Major, undergraduates must be currently enrolled sociology students,  have completed over half of their BA Program in Sociology with a GPA of at least 3.7 (A-) across their Sociology BA Program, as well as being among the top 5% of the NSS College undergraduates across all coursework for the year 2003. Eight of our students qualified; they are:


  • Dwight Beltz

  • Marianne Hoang

  • Takahiro Kawashima

  • Keiko Moreno

  • Shannon Prior

  • Nina Smart

  • Sarah Smith

  • Nancy Worsham




Special Recognition in Graduate Studies is awarded to those graduate students who are currently enrolled and active in the program, have completed at least half of their MA Program in Sociology, and have a GPA of 3.8 (A) or better. We have 3 students who have achieved this honor for their work in 2003:


  • Hernan Ramirez

  • Elsa Ramos

  • Dolly Rodrigues



Each year the CSULA Alumni Association recognizes two undergraduate and two graduate students with achievement awards. To qualify, these students must be involved in service to the community, must demonstrate commitment to sociology beyond the classroom, AND must have at least a 3.5 GPA across all coursework to date, after completing at least half of their entire undergraduate or graduate program. This year our four awardees are:


  • Joaquin Uribe (BA-level)
  • Takahiro Kawashima (BA-level)
  • Hernan Ramirez (MA-level)
  • Elsa Ramos (MA-level). 


We are also pleased to welcome * Jennifer Janer *  to the Department of Sociology at CSULA. Ms. Janer earned honors at entrance, coming in with at least a 3.5 GPA:



We are glad you were able to join us and share in our celebration of student academic achievement in 2003 during the Annual Department of Sociology Honors Convocation, April 23, 2004.