Rules for Minors

Rules Reminder for Sociology Minors


Minor Program Completion Deadline:

Students MUST complete the Minor Program prior to or at the same time as other graduation requirements. State law prevents students from enrolling in courses for Minor Program credit if all other graduation requirements have been fulfilled.


About the GE Theme:

A Sociology course taken for the GE Theme MAY ALSO count toward a Sociology Minor.


About Internships/Independent Work:

Sociology 398, 498 and 499 do NOT count for Sociology Minor Program credit.


About Minor Program Credit from Outside the CSLA Sociology Department

·         Sociology transfer credits are subject to approval by the Sociology Department.

·         The Minor requires a MINIMUM of 28-quarter units in SOCIOLOGY, 24 of which MUST be Upper Division Sociology.

·         In RARE circumstances, Sociology Department approval may be granted to replace the required research methods course with a methods course from outside the Sociology curriculum. Where such approval is granted, an additional 4-unit Upper Division Sociology course MUST be added to the Minor Program.


About Filing for Graduation:

Prior to filing for graduation, Sociology Minors must give to their Major Department:

·         A graduation application with the Sociology Stamp in the upper right hand corner

·         And the graduation application must list “Sociology” as the minor

·         An appropriately completed Minor Program sheet with the required Sociology signatures

·         No “blanks” are allowed. PLANNED courses are to be included if needed.


The Major Department submits all paperwork to the graduation office.


If a “planned” course on the filed Minor Program changes, students MUST complete a “Course Substitution” form at the Sociology Department Office. This will be signed and filed by the Sociology Department.


About Dropping Courses

Students choosing not to take Sociology courses they registered for MUST complete official DROP procedures whether or not they ever attended. Attend to deadlines! Failure to do so results in a grade of “U” which is the equivalent to an “F” in the GPA.

Remember, drop forms may be left in professor boxes for signatures. The steps are:

·         Students MUST obtain the correct drop slip and complete all sections as directed

·         Students MUST obtain the Course-Instructor signature first

·         Students MUST obtain the Department Chair/Associate Chair signature second.

·         Students continue to follow standard CSLA procedures and deadlines.


About Incompletes

Students unable to complete a Sociology Course MUST:

·         Comply with the terms of the required Incomplete Petition submitted by the Instructor.

·         Complete the course within one calendar year & follow standard CSLA procedures/deadlines.

Students do NOT (and cannot be required to) re-enroll to complete the course.