Careers and Sociology

Sociology is a broad discipline that examines numerous issues and dynamics. This breadth can lead in quite a few directions in terms of career paths. The common mainstays of sociology, as a discipline, however, include transferable skills that are valued by employers in many different arenas. These include ability to: conceptualize, recognize patterns, develop and test explanations, problem-solve, critically evaluate, and design and conduct research. Our majors have opportunities to further enhance their employability through experiences in internships, and public speaking, for example. Note: clicking on blue text links to resource pages. 

At the BA Program level, students may do research with a mentor professor (SOC 4990) or intern at an organization (UNIV 3980) or take the SOC 4050 course which includes internship or community engagement experiences.

At the MA Program level, students may do research assistantships with a professor (SOC 5980), or internships with an organization (SOC 5970) for credit. There are very few paid Teaching Assistantships at CSULA, MA students may choose to do Teaching Internships for experience and credit (SOC 5940 or SOC 5941) with a mentor professor.  MA students who want to become Community College or University Instructors should also plan to take the SOC 5930 course on Teaching at the College Level.

Jobs Held by Cal State Los Angeles Department of Sociology Alumni.

Graduates of our programs have gone on to careers in an array of fields. According to the Sociology Department’s last two sociology “recent alumni” surveys, alumni reported working in the following areas (for specific examples, click on blue): social services and agencies (24%); instruction and education-related (17%); legal issues-related (15%); organizations and labor-related (15%); counseling (12%); research (6%); and other discipline-related work (5%)

Sources to Check Out

The following include listings include student work, entry-level jobs, and career positions requiring experience. The career positions are included to give you an idea of career paths you might prepare yourself to take. The following resources are just a small number of examples.