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Take a tour of the Sociology Department!

The Sociology Department at California State University, Los Angeles is located in King Hall on the 3rd floor.  The room number is C3093.

Information about courses, the department, job postings, etc. can be found outside the office on the department bulletin boards.

Students who need assistance can come to the Sociology counter to ask questions or make advisement appointments.

Additional information about the department can be found on the many bulletin boards once inside.  Students may also obtain copies of the schedule of sociology classes for the upcoming quarter.  These advance schedules are available before the printed university class schedules and can aid students in planning their upcoming courses.

We try to maintain a relaxing atmosphere in the department as seen by the numerous plants in the office environment.  It is also not uncommon to hear background music being played in the department office.

Students may feel free to use the computer on the counter to access information about the department.  Many of our advisement materials are now posted on the web and students should examine these materials before making an advisement appointment.

Students can find out information about other sociology-related organizations both on and off campus by visiting the department.  Outside of the department office students can find pictures of the Alpha Kappa Delta initiation ceremony.  This ceremony is held once a year to honor the new members of the AKD Sociology Honor Society.

This concludes our brief tour of the Sociology Department.  Feel free to stop by if you need further information or assistance.


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